Shield Maiden (May ’18)

Shield Maiden (May ’18) Throwback to the very first Duality Box theme which was SHIELD MAIDEN! Curated to celebrate strong women warriors.
  • Shield Maiden Theme Art / Spoiler Card by @fox_artrancic
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) Tiny Pillow by Duality Box
  • Six of Crows Inej Artprint designed by @parvaillust
  • Throne of Glass Aelin Artprint designed by @parvaillust
  • The Young Elite Adelina’s Tea by @rubellitemy
  • ‘Mirror Mirror’ Bookmark by @stellabookishart
  • Harry Potter Hermione Chocolate Bar by Duality Box
  • Duality Box brass bookmark Collectible
  • Sky In The Deep + Signed Bookplate by @adrienneyoungbooks
Picture by @thecarrotstories

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